R&D Tax
Valuable Support

When you are funding innovative business practises or creating new goods and procedures, research and development tax credits are a crucial resource.

The UK government has introduced tax incentives to stimulate business investment in R&D, which is crucial now because many enterprises must innovate to be competitive or even survive the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Technical Guidance

Our R&D tax specialists have hands-on experience putting together and submitting R&D claims

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In accordance with the aims of the government, upper threshold of the payouts granted through R&D Tax Credits are increasing at a substantial rate. This has led to extremely lucrative payouts particularly over the last two years to reflect & reward the hard work that UK-based businesses are carrying out.

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Track Incentives

Our staff can track tax advantages granted by jurisdictions and industries for innovation, R&D, and capital investment.

R&D Tax Features

After submitting the R&D claim to HMRC, a successful claim will result in a refund being issued in about 4-6 weeks.

File & Manage

We can help your company submit an R&D claim and manage the submission of claims.

Draft applications

Draft applications, project descriptions, and summaries of financial data to substantiate claims

Follow-up & Review

Follow up with the local government to make sure the advantages are realised. Examine prior R&D tax claims to see if any costs may have been understated.


Are R&D Tax incentives crucial?

R&D Tax Incentives are an essential part of business in the modern era. Established in 2000, they encourage businesses to innovate and invest providing flourishing benefits to both the business and the government. In light of the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a global extension of such credits to mitigate the pandemic’s negative effects.

How are tax incentives helpful?

R&D tax credits allow you the freedom to fully invest in the future. They are a crucial resource in allowing your business’s contribution to society to be at the highest degree possible. Alleviating some of the financial burden to innovate rewards SMEs immensely in accordance with the UK being a meritocratic society.

Which tax reliefs are offered?

There are a plethora of tax relief schemes. For some people the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme is a not-so-distant memory that springs to mind. However, there is a long-standing and proven method of accessing governmental funds and that is by way of the R&D Tax Relief. However, there is already a method for gaining access to government financing. The form of this is R&D Tax Relief.