Critical to Economy
Strengthen Stakeholder Relationships

We consider audit to be essential to the underlying economics of a just and thriving world. The profession of audit has always been and still is at the core of our company.

From privately held businesses to some of the biggest corporations in the world, we deal with a diverse spectrum of clients. With specialised teams working in various industry sectors and important markets, we can offer the knowledge you want.

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We can offer the knowledge you require since we have specialised teams working in all industry areas and important markets.

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Integrated Team

By working with PHG, you will gain access to a seamless, international team with a lone point of contact.

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Delivering insight, fostering transparency, and posing constructive challenges are all components of a high-quality audit.

Audit Features

Our primary goal is to establish trusting, productive partnerships that provide real benefit.

Sustainable Businesses

By caring about the organisations, we operate in the public interest and contribute to the development of long-lasting companies that benefit society as a whole.

Augmented Audit

With this unique, people-focused strategy, programme, and resources, we provide an augmented audit experience.

Data analytics

To better understand your organisation, we employ data analytics in a number of auditing contexts.


Are all audits the same?

The PHG audit for everyone varies. We take the time to comprehend the business plan, corporate culture, and ecology of the examined organisation and take into account the requirements of its stakeholders, then we customise the audit strategy to the particular risks found.

How do you ensure the efficiency of audits?

We provide our auditors with improved abilities, procedures, and tools so they can serve the market with greater consistency, effectiveness, and value.

How are audit's beneficial?

Delivering insight, fostering transparency, and offering constructive criticism are all components of a quality audit, which increases stakeholders' trust in how organisations communicate with them. But it doesn't end there: a strong, independent audit helps to create a trustworthy control and governance framework to help the organisations we audit become more future-proof.