Bespoke Advice
Tax-Efficient Wealth

PHG Finance provides personalised guidance to high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Never before has personal taxation been so difficult. Maintaining control of your tax and financial affairs is more crucial than ever because of legislative changes, heightened HMRC inspection, and continuously changing family situations.

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Wealth Management

Since we are aware that every client is different, we manage your money and give you pertinent tax advice.

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Certified Financial Planning

Investment managers, personal tax specialists, and certified financial planners make up our distinguished private client team.

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Future Plan

We work with you to create a personalised future plan.

Client Tax Features

We offer advice and direction to high net worth people, business owners, entrepreneurs, and top executives.


Tax-effective structuring, including guidance on domicile and residency

Cash flow

Analysis of lifetime cash flows

Tax Assurance

Tax assurance includes guidance on submitting tax returns and providing HMRC with thoughtful disclosures.


How is private client tax helpful?

Staying on top of your tax and financial issues is more crucial than ever due to legislative changes, greater HMRC inspection, and frequently changing family situations (marriage, divorce, school and university costs, retirement, and long-term care).

What's your approach?

Our outstanding Private Client Team is made up of professionals in personal taxes, investment management, and certified financial planning.

Which type of private clients do you work with?

We work with high net worth individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and senior executives to offer counsel and direction that works with your busy schedule and aids in the accomplishment of your goals.