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25+ Years Of Experience

Corporate secretarial

Our secretarial services offer a complete solution to managing your company’s entities. We take care of all the drafting, application and submission, registration and verification of information documents required to ensure you follow tax regulations and domestic administrative requirements.

Our industry

Our aim to contribute to both the standards and conditions for a healthy audit industry capable of delivering quality financial and ESG audits, at scale.

Our talent

Our mission is to nurture talent, develop leaders. Our goal is to make our employees happy, safe, healthy, and successful in whatever they do.


Since 1998, Operating
in UK.

Evaluation of
Our Company & Partners
21 January 2005

Company Launched

Having expert knowledge in UK finance regulation, Raees Khan decided to open a company that helps.

17 August 2009


PHG has always kept its mission and vision on focus which allowed it to manage finances of multiple enterprises in a few years only.

12 September 20011

First Award

Dedicated work and profound knowledge enabled PHG Finance to reach its goals multiple times and won an award.

04 June 2020

Expert Employees

As the time went by, PHG managed to hire accountancy experts and professional who had keen interest and knowledge about UK finances.

The Elements of

PHG finance is an innovative, world-leading provider of financial and legal advice to clients in more than 60 countries.

Identifiying the Needs

The year-end is a busy time for most businesses. Running your business, whilst also trying to keep up with the changing accounting environment can be a difficult balance to strike.

Financial outsourcing

We offer a flexible range of finance products, designed to meet the needs of every business.

Cloud accounting technology

We provide clients with cutting edge technology and exceptional service. Our job is to enable your business to grow and develop, not just improve operations


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