Building Wealth

Our expertise can help you whether you're wanting to increase cash, increase efficiency, or sell your business.

Businesses must position themselves for long-term growth and operational effectiveness in a highly competitive environment. This frequently entails finding finance options to assist with an acquisition, disposal, or capital raising.

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We offer financial advice on Merger and Acquisitions.

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Business Services

We offer a wide range of business services.

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When it comes to transactions, PHG can help you out in the best possible way.

Advice Features

PHG Finance offers financial advisory in the following and many other topics:

Debt Advice

We help you gain financial advice regarding your debt.

Business Exit

We help you gain financial advice when you're winding up a business.


We provide you with financial advice on restructuring your firm.


What is the role of a financial advisor?

A financial consultant will examine the numerous savings accounts, investments, and ISAs available from various companies and propose the one that best meets your unique circumstances. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate guidance services (FCA).

What can a financial advisor help me with?

Financial advisers can help you with your financial problems at various periods of your life by offering a wide selection of goods and services. Among these items and services are: -Investments and savings -Pensions. -Insurance. -Mortgages. -Equity distribution. -Taxation and estate planning -Planning for retirement. -Finances in the family.

Are your financial advisors licensed?

Yes, all of our financial advisors have the necessary qualifications and adhere to the regulator's guidelines (FCA)