Tax and Finance Teams
Regulatory Compliance Management

It can also be expensive, resource-intensive, and challenging to manage to ensure that your tax and finance teams have control over compliance and reporting duties both locally and globally.

PHG Finance provides a variety of worldwide compliance services that enable you to pursue your business goals while also adhering to your legal and regulatory reporting responsibilities.

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Our Expertise

When you pick us, you gain access to the depth and breadth of our knowledge throughout the world and our capacity to assist you.

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Tailored Services

Our services will be customised to fit your needs as your reporting requirements vary per country.

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Quality Compliance

We are dedicated to modernising, future-proofing, and simplifying your operations with excellent compliance system.

Compliance Features

Our services for managing and reporting worldwide compliance include:

International accounting and reporting

We provide a global accounting function that is outsourced to work with your current team.

Global HR and payroll

Our specialised staff provides a flexible way to manage your global HR and payroll requirements.

Global mobility & employment tax

We recognise the value of people to your organisation.

Service Benefits

How do you ensure legal regulation in the recruitment process?

The recruitment process elaborated in the above section is all according to the UK financial regulation laws. There's no chance of fraudulent hiring.

Who is responsible for financial regulations in the UK?

The Financial Services Authority, which had been in control of financial legislation since 2001 and the Treasury and Bank of England, was disbanded by the UK government in 2013.

What do you mean by FCA?

FCA stands for Financial Conduct Authority. Over 55,000 financial enterprises are subject to FCA's regulation in the UK. 20,000 of these enterprises are prudentially regulated by it as well.