M&A Transactions

Our M&A service offering, which combines counselling, valuation, due diligence, and integration consulting, includes tax as a crucial component. We can give tax advice quickly enough to ensure that opportunities are taken advantage of and the best rates are acquired thanks to our grasp of the whole transaction lifecycle.

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Tax Obligations

It's crucial to evaluate your tax requirements before considering a merger or acquisition.

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Transaction Lifecycle

We are able to provide tax advise quickly because of our comprehension of the entire transaction lifecycle.

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Efficient Transaction

You should strive for maximum commercial and financial efficiency in your deal.

M&A Features

We provide tax guidance addressing:

Tax Advice

Straightforward guidance on transaction structuring

Risk Assessment

PHG provides tax risk analysis

Strategic Guidance

Tax planning guidance for holding companies and other innovative corporate structures


Is it important to asses tax obligations?

It's crucial to evaluate your tax requirements before considering a merger or acquisition. You'll want to make sure your transaction is as profitable and commercially effective as it can be.

How does PHG Tax Teams Work?

The M&A tax teams at PHG work with businesses, family offices, private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds, and individuals. To assist your company see the future, we work closely with our colleagues in the various areas of our transaction business as well as with outside experts in the transactions sector.

How is PHG helpful in a PHG environment?

No matter where you conduct business, PHG can assist you in navigating the M&A environment. In order to offer practical M&A tax and transaction solutions in the face of rising global complexity, we have one of the largest worldwide focused tax networks in the transactions business, leveraging local, experienced professionals.