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Global Mobility

The Covid crisis has provided numerous examples of how a company's employees are its greatest asset, proving a common adage that is true.

In order to survive and grow in a fast-paced, internationally linked, and competitive environment, organisations must maximise all of the resources at their disposal.

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Practical support

We offer useful assistance to lower expenses, make preparations, increase rewards, and lessen risks.

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Planning and Policy Advise

PHG Finance provides planningand policy advise to help minimise costs.

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With the help of our expert knowledge and technology, we offer useful support.

Tax Features

Our Specialist Tax department's teams are particularly focused on

Global Mobility

Equal blame belongs to those who fail in their duty through weakness same duty.

UK Immigration

To achieve complete immigration compliance, our internal UK Immigration team works with both corporations and individuals.

Employment Tax

Our employment tax team provides guidance on novel, tax-effective, and environmentally friendly award programmes.


IS PHG able to assist wordwide?

Being a part of a global network, the UK Immigration team is able to provide assistance in many countries across the world.

How can your tax team be helpful?

With the help of our tax specialists, you may successfully handle employment tax (benefits, expenses, travel costs, etc.), employment status (IR35), CJRS, and National Minimum Wage compliance.

Do you assist small enterprises?

PHG's team has wealth of experience in assisting small to medium enterprises.