Trustee Services
Dedicated Monitoring Trustee

Utilising their wealth of knowledge from their extensive experience as both regulators and advisors, our professionals work with competition authorities and apply competition law and economics.

PHG Finance has frequently served as the divestiture trustee and monitoring trustee in connection with the sale of businesses or segments of businesses.

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60+ Cases

PHG Finance has served as a monitoring trustee in more than 60 instances involving the application of every conceivable treatment.

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Regulation of competition

Our professionals work with competition authorities and use economics and competition law.

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Broad Knowledge

Our consultants are highly skilled and experienced professionals with a wide range of industry knowledge.

Trustee Features

Our experts have knowledge in a wide range of industries offering solutions in relation to:

State aid cases

State aid regulations frequently call for structural remedies.

Merger control cases

When concerns about the ramifications of a transaction are raised, competition remedies become necessary.

Antitrust cases

Investigations into unfair business practices and the misuse of market dominance frequently last several years.


How do you ensure timely service?

We make sure commitment timelines are fulfilled, risks and difficulties are swiftly detected, and there are enough resources available to prevent delays.

Do you stay in direct contact?

Personal interaction with our clients and forward-thinking, effective project management with a cost-conscious focus are essential to our work.

Whats your mission?

We are dedicated to minimising the impact on the supervised and retained firms and have experience executing the monitoring trustee position.