Proactive Approach
Complex International Tax

It is becoming more difficult to create foreign corporate structures with efficient but suitable tax treatment.

Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) is an effort of the OECD that has resulted in improvements occurring all around the world. Additionally, as governments work to restore national budgets harmed by COVID-19, employ tax as a trade tool, or seize the profits from digital enterprises, national tax laws are evolving at an accelerated rate.

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Global Team

Our international team is anticipatorily monitoring local tax issues, particularly disruptive tax occurrences like Brexit.

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Sustainable Approach

We support a cautious, long-term, and sustainable method of creating corporate structures.

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International Presence

Due to its global footprint, PHG is well-positioned to assist both large enterprises and privately held companies.

Service Features

We provide strategic support during international tax field audits as well as guidance on tax-efficient structures for cross-border acquisitions and disposals.

Strategic advice

Strategic guidance on appropriate and sustainable corporate forms that are tax-efficient

Tax risk assessment

Assessment and reduction of tax risks

Tax advice

Tax advice in tax field audits including joint tax audits and the OECD's International Compliance Assurance Program (ICAP)


How does PHG Provides assistance?

International organisations are assisted by PHG Finance in resolving tax challenges brought on by the OECD BEPS project and the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD).

Do you support international strategies?

Of course! Working with so many companies in so many jurisdictions has allowed us to have a completely comprehensive view of the international field which allows us to make sure you are compliant amongst every jurisdiction you work in.

What's your approach?

Instead of being compelled to react to every new piece of legislation or the results of tax cases, we believe in a risk-averse, long-term and sustainable approach to building company structures.