Case Study
Crises and Dispute Management

What is a Crisis?

A crisis is any event which is unforeseen and disruptive. If crises are not managed, this may lead to harm of the organisation or its shareholders through massive financial loss and in some cases, compulsory liquidation.

What types of events are covered under the term “crisis”?

There are several different types of crises - it is important to identify the type of crisis you are facing as the strategy to combat each crisis is different. Professor Otto Lerbinger suggested there was 8 main types of crises: confrontation, malevolence, natural disaster, organisational misdeeds, workplace violence, rumours, technological crisis, man-made disasters.

How do we deal with a crisis?

This is completely individual for each particular crises however, our main priorities when it comes to crises are identifying the risks and vulnerabilities of the organisation, taking courageous action as a preventative measure and learning from one crisis to prevent another. We took instruction from a large law firm who unfortunately had a technological crisis which they were facing which meant they risked losing a significant portion of their paper files. Instead, we managed to find a software which negated this risk and made sure it would not reappear in the future.

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Proctor & Hobbs


West Yorkshire, United Kingdom


21st January 2020